SG Basketball (Turf City)

Personal Experience

Deep inside of Turf City, this pay-to-play court can be booked through their app (SG Basketball).

Had quite an easy check-in experience with little/no hassle at verification when entering the court.

Staff were really friendly and checked which court we were playing at. Timing-wise, they were not strict on the starting time, as long as there was no one playing.

At the side of the courts, they had small benches and spare basketballs for us. Also, they had a fridge filled with canned drinks for $1 only. Payments were based on trust, so just leave your money in the fridge and take a can. 

Rims were great and the court was well-lit. However, the court was made of “suspended polypropylene interlocking floor tiles”. These were quite terrible (in my own opinion). 

Whenever you dribble your ball in between the tiles, you’d get an odd bounce. 

Court Specifications


Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 19/04/2022

Suspended Polypropylene Interlocking Tiles
Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 19/04/2022

Nylon nets
Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 19/04/2022

2 x Full Court
Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 19/04/2022

Days to Avoid

  • Check their app for booking slots

Feel free to send in any additional information to us at @ownyourcourt

Nearby Refreshments

  • Fridge at the court ($1 canned drinks)

Watch our Youtube review for more details.

How to Book

Book through their app “SG Basketball”

Types of players

Mixed group of players

Regular Games

We’re not sure when are the regular games (for now). If you are part of the regulars, you may let us know @ownyourcourt!