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To integrate our foreign friends and Singapore basketball communities together. Journey along with us as we play our games at DIFFERENT courts each time.

Every Saturday 9am – 1pm, starting 13th July – 17th Aug.

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Own Your Court

Find basketball courts in Singapore

"Where do I go for a friendly pick-up basketball game in Singapore?"

In Singapore, trying to find a well-rounded and consistent pick-up game may be tricky. Court type, type of rim, players on the court and nearby amenities are factors we consider when looking for a game.

With so many different basketball courts all over Singapore, we tasked ourselves to find all those critical information for us.

At Own Your Court, we want to do all that for you. To provide constant and accurate information on basketball courts around you.

What we do

At Own Your Court, we are passionate about the game – basketball. We know how hard it is to find a suitable court. So, we’ve put this together to save you from all that rainy days and crowded areas. We discover and compare basketball courts around Singapore for you.



We help to find a suitable basketball court around you using our passion for the game.



By having all of the basketball courts in one place, you can compare and decide where you want to go next.



Help us grow this community by sharing with us your basketball courts!


Probably your favourite basketball shorts.

We’ve spent way too much time matching materials and colors for this basketball shorts. It’s so comfortable, it’ll probably put your defenders to sleep when they get a feel of it.