90 Redhill Close

Personal Experience

Located behind an SPC, it’s not the easiest court to find. However, it is well worth it. 

This court has a nice chill vibe to it as it is snugged between the blocks. A prominent feature of the court is the raised seating areas. It allows a clear viewing of the games on one side of the court.

Near a mall called Rubicon, you can head there for all your fast food needs and refreshments @ the nearby Fairprice! 

Court Specifications

Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 02/01/2022

Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 02/01/2022

Nets available on both sides
Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 02/01/2021

Full Court
Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 02/01/2022

Days to Avoid

  • Unknown 

Feel free to send in any additional information to us at @ownyourcourt

Nearby Refreshments

Watch our Youtube review for more details.

How to Book

No booking required.

Types of players

Mixed group of players

Regular Games

We’re not sure when are the regular games (for now). If you are part of the regulars, you may let us know @ownyourcourt!