What Basketball Should I Buy?



Rubbers balls are used for outdoor courts due to its durability and grip. Also, it costs a lot less than other types of basketball. No matter rain or shine, rubber basketballs will always be ready to hit the floor.

Price: $

Court type: Outdoor


Leather balls are only to be used on indoor courts. This material gives you more control and grip, even when your palms are sweaty. It also prevents damaging the floorboards of the court. However, if used outdoors, the leather of your ball may harden up and get damaged.  

Price: $$$

Court type: Indoor


For both indoor and outdoor use, synthetic or composite basketballs give you the durability you need while having the soft touch of a leather basketball. However, we do not advise you to use these balls in the rain or on wet surfaces. Your synthetic material may retain water, swelling the weight of your ball over time.

Price: $$

Court type: Indoor/Outdoor

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