What Are Your Dribbling Moves?


Dribbling is the act of bouncing the basketball off the ground with one hand continuously. Dribbling is used to move around the court while maintaining possession of the ball.

In basketball, dribbling is used to:

  • Drive towards the basket
  • Create space between you and your defender
  • Advance the ball to another area of the court

There are many variations of a dribble. Starting from the basic dribble to more advanced dribbles such as the Shamgod. We have compiled a list of dribbles for you:

Simple Moves

  • Crossover
  • Spin move
  • Behind the back
  • Between the legs

Advanced Moves

  • The Shammgod
  • In n’ out dribble
  • Jolt dribble


In a basketball game, a combination of moves may be stringed together to put your defender on the back of their heels. Dribbling the ball is not always the best decision in the game. Holding the basketball gives you options to either shoot, pass or dribble. It is important to understand the power of “not dribbling” when getting possession of the ball before you start to learn how to dribble. 

Your dribble moves should never be pre-decided. They should be reactive to your defender and the situation you are in. Practising your dribble moves is only the first step. Next, it would be to put them into in-game situations to keep you reactive and not predictive. 

No matter which move you choose, it is important that they are used appropriately in the right situations. Flashy dribble moves do not create space or get you closer to the basket. However, if used effectively, you may keep your defenders guessing.

Keep balling.