POV: It’s COVID-19 and You Don’t Wanna Break The Law

Photo by @danist07

Singapore’s COVID-19 SMM restrictions have been going on for longer than I can remember. With restrictions keeping us within groups of 5, pick up games at a public basketball court feels like a distant memory. This is a personal recount of how I’ve experienced basketball over the past year. 

Basketball used to be a place where I spent most of my time. I go to basketball for many things; social life, my workout routine, stress relief. It was my way of expressing myself. Spending hours at a time to work on my shot or my quick first step, I would find comfort in that routine. Now, I can’t even consider going down to a public basketball court without worrying about breaking the law. 

To some it may seem very trivial but have we considered the ones that depended on basketball more than others.

Without a doubt, I do fully agree that it is necessary for the government to implement these measures to keep COVID-19 at bay. However, I’d like to shed some light on some of us who were unable to find another outlet. 

Basketball courts are constantly getting closed off due to overcrowding. If it’s not closed, it is overcrowded. There is no way for us to safely play basketball without overcrowding in a public court. Booking systems are not easily accessible and tech can be tough for some. Fortunately for me, I have access to a basketball court.

But what about that 72-year old uncle that goes down to the public HDB basketball court to avoid being lonely? What about that 13-year old boy that uses basketball as his escape? 

Basketball played a big part of my life. And I believe it plays an even bigger part of someone else’s life but due to the restrictions, it was taken away.

If you may be one of these persons that require a basketball court, reach out to me through my instagram @ownyourcourt or email me: baller@ownyourcourt.com or Facebook (For dem’ older generations)

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