Looking For Basketball Shorts?


Basketball Shorts should maximise on-court performance. Lightweight, breathable fabric, fitting on the waist and loose through the legs. These are the key ingredients to keep your game at the top. 

Fit & Cutting

Just like any pair of shorts, you’d want it to fit you well. In basketball, you will be moving and changing directions so having it too tight-fitted wouldn’t help. 

Look for a pair of shorts that is slightly above your knees and doesn’t hug your legs tightly, allow you to move freely.


The material of the basketball shorts will determine how fast it dries and how breathable it is. Also, it determines the overall weight of the clothing.

Small tip: the stretchability of the material also helps in your game, especially when it gets rough. When your basketball shorts material is too rigid, any pulls/grabs from your opponent throws you off your step and can be easily taken advantage of.


The quality of the waistband would be the top priority to ensure that the basketball shorts endure continuous use/washes.


This is where the biggest tip would be at. When it comes to pickup  basketball games, it is an advantage to be in striking colors/patterns. 

Your team will be able to spot you easily and the ball will naturally gravitate towards you more when you’re open. 

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