New Court (Yew Tee)

Personal Experience

Popular in the West, New Court is well known among players. Tucked in the corner of Yew Tee, players of all ages gather at this court to play. 

During my trip down to New Court on a Sunday afternoon, there weren’t many players there. However, I’m quite sure the courts are packed every single night. The court was caged up with an ample amount of space around. White nylon nets were well maintained and the rims were great. There’s a 7-Eleven nearby that you can get your drinks.

Although it may be a little troublesome to get to (3-4 bus stops from Yew Tee MRT), this court is where you would want to be to ball. With an abundance of players, you don’t want to drop a game.

Court Specifications

Contributor: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 25/04/2021

Outdoor court | Caged
Contributor: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 25/04/2021

White Nylon Net
Contributor: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 25/04/2021

Full Court
Contributor: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 25/04/2021

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Nearby 7-Eleven

How to Book

No booking required.

Types of players

Mixed group of players

Regular Games

We’re not sure when are the regular games (for now). If you are part of the regulars, you may let us know!