6 Marine Terrace

Personal Experience

Similar location as 31 Marine Crescent, you can come over to this court if it’s too packed at Marine Parade CC or 31 Marine Crescent.

What a beauty of a court. Nylon nets on both sides of the court. Metal rims attached with lines clearly marked out. 

Just a couple of concrete benches for you to rest but that’s not much to complain about.

Court Specifications

Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 27/03/2022


Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 27/03/2022


Nylon nets
Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 27/03/2022

Full Court
Photo credits 📸: @gaddielsee
Last updated: 02/01/2022

Days to Avoid

  • Unknown 

Feel free to send in any additional information to us at @ownyourcourt

Nearby Refreshments

Watch our Youtube review for more details.

How to Book

No booking required.

Types of players

Mixed group of players

Regular Games

We’re not sure when are the regular games (for now). If you are part of the regulars, you may let us know @ownyourcourt!